Slide Sewing
Our machines do your "stitch in time"
and save other nine.
Slide Embroidery
Creative, beautiful and pleasing.
We're just describing our designs.
Slide Multi Needle
Advanced and user friendly
approach to mechanized

Story Behind

We, at Siri Ganesh, believe that embroidery is just not some art form; it is a way that amplifies one’s aura in the simplest of ways!
We strongly advocate that embroidery is a science and art both at the same time.


Embroidery is an art because it beautifies a piece of cloth which gets so versatile that it has major applications in industries like fashion, appliances, household products and many more. On the other hand, it is a science because it takes great collaboration of mind, body (hands) and creativity which is rare in normal people.

So, you are really lucky if you understand, appreciate and hold the ability of embroidery.

This is the reason that we have come forward to give you the experience of life. We are here to offer you the ultimate machines of Embroidery.





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Come and witness the magical outcome when an ancient art like embroidery collaborates with most modern equipment!

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